We know that young people who are educated and cared for in the Chartwell Group need to have developed their independence skills sooner than perhaps other young people as they are likely to move from us to semi-independence following the end of their statutory education at sixteen. (Though young people are able to remain with us until eighteen)

We provide a comprehensive independence living programme that runs alongside our education curriculum that ensures young people have the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to look after themselves. We also know that young people are likely to move back to their Local Authority area and therefore consider that it is important to work with Social Workers at the earliest possible stage to make local links and connections, so that when young people move they do not feel isolated.

  • Established over 25 years Psychologists employed as part of the team - stable, caring yet structured environment
  • ‘‘Students leave as confident individuals’’ Ofsted
  • ‘‘I cannot speak highly enough of the care and education my son has received at Chartwell’’ parent
  • ‘‘students florish and re-engage with education’’ - Ofsted
  • ‘‘the provision is outstanding’’ social care Ofsted
  • ‘‘I know work you do with the boys is stimulating and exciting and because of that they really thrive and succeed.’’ - Social workers comments

The Chartwell group of schools has ensured continued success based on the ability to adapt our approach to meet the needs of young people today!!

We offer a family style approach to the care of young people who ‘‘might well flounder in a larger setting’’ and who have the following special needs:

  • Challenging behaviours
  • Childhood history of abuse
  • Trauma and neglect
  • Aspergers
  • Poor relationship skills
  • ADHD
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Tourettes
  • Specific learning disabilities

We offer a year round 24 hours a day, 7 days a week holistic quality childcare provision with individual care plans supported by a Clinical Psychologist and individual linkworkers, also Leaving care services, work experience, alternative education programmes that can be linked with local further education colleges, SMALL CLASS NUMBERS (6) maximum, and high staffing ratio when required along with a wide range of other social and educational interventions.


Meeting the needs of special young people in the 21st Century

The Chartwell Group was established over 25 years ago and in that time has strived and succeeded in providing high quality residential education and care services.

The Chartwell Group recognises and fully supports the national strategy to enable young people to remain living in their local community, even if they are unable to live at home; however we recognise that some young people have such special and complex needs that this is not always possible or appropriate.

Where it has been identified that a young person's needs cannot be met in their local community the Chartwell Group will provide a nurturing environment within which their educational, health and social care needs can be met, whilst retaining close links with their family and friends.

Our success is based on our continued ability to adapt our approach to the individual needs of each young person.

The Chartwell Group offers a comprehensive service for young people; including Psychological support which includes individual assessment and therapy, access to the full National Curriculum and residential care.

The Chartwell Group provides a nurturing environment in which young people can grow and aspire. We believe they need to feel safe and cared for. We are able to provide the structure and boundaries that enable young people to feel safe, whilst building and sustaining relationships that ensure young people still feel cared for when the going gets tough.

The Chartwell Group consists of two individual residential schools located in Cambridgeshire.