Our Approach

At Downham Lodge we provide a small group setting for young people who flounder within a larger setting. We provide a safe, structured and stable environment, which affords young people maximum life chances. Individuals will learn to understand and to maintain control over their own behaviour and emotions.

Downham Lodge provides a total environment, although the opportunity exists for the individual to follow his own interests either singlularly or as a member of a group. On site facilities include a lounge with colour television, video, satellite, music system and board games, an activity room with Playstations and Scalextric, a quiet lounge, a well equipped kitchen and large dining room, and various outdoor activities. Extensive gardens surround the property. Bedrooms are comfortably furnished, fully carpeted and well decorated. Five of the bedrooms have showers fitted.

Downham Lodge works to achieve the objectives laid out in the "Every Child Matters" outcomes framework.


We recognise and accept that it is our duty to the young people to safeguard and promote their welfare whilst they are accomodated in the home. This responsibility will be taken on in partnership with the young people and those with parental responsibility.

We provide an environment that reflects national 'Quality Protects' objectives:

How do we achieve this?

All our staff are trained to NVQ level 3 by our own in house NVQ Assessors.